CDMD.plot_eigs(show_axes=True, show_unit_circle=True, figsize=(8, 8), title='', narrow_view=False, dpi=None, filename=None)

Plot the eigenvalues. :param bool show_axes: if True, the axes will be showed in the plot.

Default is True.

  • show_unit_circle (bool) – if True, the circle with unitary radius and center in the origin will be showed. Default is True.

  • figsize (tuple(int,int)) – tuple in inches defining the figure size. Default is (8, 8).

  • title (str) – title of the plot.

  • bool (narrow_view) – if True, the plot will show only the smallest rectangular area which contains all the eigenvalues, with a padding of 0.05. Not compatible with show_axes=True. Default is False.

  • int (dpi) – If not None, the given value is passed to plt.figure.

  • filename (str) – if specified, the plot is saved at filename.