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In real Time Highly Advanced Computational Applications for Finite Volumes


ITHACA-FV (In real Time Highly Advanced Computational Applications for Finite Volumes) is C++ library based on the finite volume solver OpenFOAM . It consists of the implementation of several reduced order modeling techniques for parametrized problems. ITHACA-FV is developed and maintained by Dr. Giovanni Stabile under the supervision of Prof. Gianluigi Rozza at SISSA mathLab an applied math laboratory of the International School for advanced studies .

ITHACA-FV directory structure

ITHACA-FV comprises of four main directories:

  • src: the core ITHACA-FV library.
  • applications: some utilities.
  • tutorials: test-cases that demonstrate a range of ITHACA-FV functionalities.
  • docs: documentation.

How to cite ITHACA-FV.

Most of the theoretical aspects behind ITHACA-FV are deeply explained in Stabile2017CAIM and Stabile2017CAF . For this reason, if you use this software, please consider citing the mentioned works, reported in the following bibtex entries:

@Article{Stabile2017CAIM, Title = {{POD-Galerkin reduced order methods for CFD using Finite Volume Discretisation: vortex shedding around a circular cylinder}}, Author = {Stabile, Giovanni and Hijazi, Saddam and Mola, Andrea and Lorenzi, Stefano and Rozza, Gianluigi}, Journal = {Communications in Applied and Industrial Mathematics}, Year = {(2017)}, Volume = {8}, Number = {1}, pages = {210-236}, Doi = {10.1515/caim-2017-0011}}

@Article{Stabile2017CAF, Title = {{Finite volume POD-Galerkin stabilised reduced order methods for the parametrised incompressible Navier-Stokes equations}}, Author = {Stabile, Giovanni and Rozza, Gianluigi}, Journal = {Computers & Fluids}, Year = {2018}, Doi = {10.1016/j.compfluid.2018.01.035}}

And cite the ITHACA-FV website.